Dr. Yan Cao, Ph.D., C. Psych.

Psychological Services for:


stress reduction


marital / relationship counseling


anxiety / depression


post-traumatic stress


chronic pain


acquired brain injury


health anxiety


adjustment to chronic health issues


grieving / bereavement


learning disability/
ADHD assessment


parenting consultations

Clinical Psychologist

We all make changes
throughout our lives...

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We all make changes
throughout our lives...

Often, we do so alone, but sometimes we may need
a helping hand. Dr. Cao implements the principles
from evidence-based treatment approaches in her clinical work to help people with some of the more challenging transitions in their lives.


Since completion of her doctoral training in Clinical Psychology from Queen’s University in Kingston
in 1996, Dr. Cao has provided a wide range
of psychological services in hospital, school,
and private practice settings in Ontario and Manitoba.
She has worked with both children and adults
on a variety of issues, including both mental health conditions and day-to-day life challenges.


Based on the core principles of Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Dr. Cao incorporates treatment strategies from several other evidence-based treatment approaches, including Mindfulness, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. Treatment is tailored to each client's unique situation and life experiences.

  • Psychological Assessments

    Since completion of her doctoral training in clinical psychology in 1996, Dr. Cao has provided a wide range of assessment and diagnostic services for individuals and agencies. Psychologists are uniquely positioned to combine specialized psychometric testing methods with other clinical approaches to help people understand their strengths, weaknesses, and factors affecting their feelings, thoughts and behaviours.  Over the years, Dr. Cao has conducted numerous assessments in private practice and institutional settings, including local school boards, community children’s mental health agencies, and hospitals.


    Another area of her assessments involves helping individuals
    to explore mental health factors that are affecting their day-to-day functioning.


    The following issues are often the reasons for people to seek psychological assessments or consultations:


    - overall mental health functioning for both children and adults

    - school related concerns, such as possible learning disability, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

    - parents’ concerns, such as developmental issues, Autism spectrum symptoms, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, separation anxiety

    - personality functioning

    - identifying challenges related to disability benefits and treatment needs


    Please contact Dr. Cao for further details.


  • Therapy and Counselling

    The Chinese word for crisis is Wei Ji. Wei means risk or danger.
    Ji can be interpreted as occasion, key link, or opportunity.
    Our lives are full of occasions and key links that can be changed into opportunities. We often are able to make such changes on our own, but sometimes it is very difficult to see the opportunities or links, whether it is because of high level of stress, a challenging environment that seems out of our control, a difficult past, or a new health condition. This is when you may benefit from working with a psychologist whose professional training, clinical experience, and objective perspective will assist you to identify not only the challenges but also the opportunities specific to your personal situation.


    Based on the core principles of cognitive-behavioural therapy, Dr. Cao incorporates treatment strategies from several evidence-based treatment approaches, including mindfulness, dialectical behaviour therapy, and motivational interviewing. Treatments are tailored to your unique situations, personal style, and life experiences. Dr. Cao provides client-centred therapy that is non-judgemental and strength-focused.


    Since completion of her doctoral degree in clinical psychology in 1996, Dr. Cao works with clients on issues ranging from day-to-day stress management to coping with serious mental health conditions. These issues include:


    - managing work-related or day-to-day stress

    - relationship counselling

    - parenting consultation

    - depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress symptoms

    - adjustment to chronic health conditions or injuries

    - chronic pain management

    - health psychology issues (challenges related to conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Eating Disorder, life style maintenance, etc.)

    - grieve and bereavement


  • Funding for Psychological Services

    Funding Sources:


    As a clinical psychologist registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario, my professional fees may be covered by many extended health insurance plans and several funding agencies including but not limited to:


    - Extended health benefits
       (Blue Cross, Sun Life, Great-West Life, etc.)

    - Automobile insurance policies

    - Veterans Affairs Canada

    - Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
       (Workers’ Compensation)

    - Health Canada First Nations and Inuit Health Branch

    - Victim Quick Response Program,
       Ministry of the Attorney General


    Tax Deduction:


    Fees for psychological services are recognized by Canada Revenue Agency as medical expenses, and qualify as income tax deductions.



  • Professional Qualifications and Affiliations

    Dr. Cao obtained her doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in clinical psychology from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario in 1996. She previously obtained a B.A. degree in psychology from Beijing University in China and a M.A. degree in developmental psychology from Queen’s University, Kingston.


    Dr. Cao is a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Psychological Association. She is on the providers’ list of the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology.


    What is the “College of Psychologists of Ontario”?


    Like all regulated health professionals (such as physicians and surgeons and physiotherapists), licensed psychologists belong to a regulatory body called the College of Psychologists. The College of Psychologists of Ontario is the governing body for Psychologists and Psychological Associates in Ontario. Its mandate is to protect your interests by monitoring and regulating the practice of psychology. The College ensures you receive competent and ethical professional psychological services from qualified providers.


    What do psychologists do?


    “Psychologists study thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and relationships in order to understand behaviour. Psychologists use this information to help people lead healthy, productive, and satisfying lives. As practitioners, psychologists help people manage the challenges of everyday life. They are highly trained to assess, diagnose, and treat mental health problems and disorders.” – Ontario Psychological Association


    “Psychologists with doctoral degrees (either a PhD, PsyD or EdD) receive one of the highest levels of education of all health care professionals.” “Practicing psychologists have the professional training and clinical skills to help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues and mental health problems.” “Psychologists help by using a variety of techniques based on the best available research and consider someone’s unique values, characteristics, goals, and circumstances.” – American Psychological Association


  • Resources

    Local resources:


    Quinte Health Care Corporation,
    Mental Health Services 613.310.6736

    Crisis Intervention Centre

    Parent, Child and Youth Program

    Children’s Mental Health Services, Belleville  613.966.3100


    Helpful links:


    The College of Psychologists of Ontario   www.cpo.on.ca

    Canadian Psychological Association   www.cpa.ca

    American Psychological Association   www.apa.org

    Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges of Ontario www.regulatedhealthprofessions.on.ca


In a single-clinician practice, Dr. Cao personally provides psychological services to all of her clients in order
to ensure quality, consistency, and integrity.

Dr. Yan Cao

(Pronounced "Chow")




To protect your privacy,
E-mail communications to Dr. Cao should only include general inquiries.

In addition to e-mails, you are welcome to arrange a telephone consult with Dr. Cao.



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